Plotting out the Story

This last week has been spent making a really clear storyboard of the first level of the game, as I have quite a bit of story in this early scene it is vital it is delivered in a coherent and quite linear way.

Planning out each moment of the level like this will help deliver the right information at the right time.

For the subsequent levels that I hope to complete for the showcase after submission will have a much more free flow of information and player driven style of play instead of this levels linearity.



Construction can begin!

So this week I have been working on creating assets and now have the core pieces to construct a test layout of the level. This includes all structural models for the ground floor and a few other models such as tables and chairs.


I’m so pleased with the walls, above you can see the basic models (not final textures) and below you can see the models normal mapped to give more detail.


I’m very pleased with the results and it looks even better when lit nicely and of course some of the little blemishes can be hidden with other assets.

Using these rough untextured models I will construct a storyboard to really lock in the story progression and flow of the level as well as helping to decide on final positions of assets, lights and trigger events.


White Boxes Galore

This week after getting a foundation into the basic mechanics of the game I’m moving into the prototyping stage of the level design. White boxing is a strange concept in my mind, but after doing previous projects and modelling the level out then bringing it into engine and it being 3x to big made me realise the benefit.


Using the rough map layout I drew in Photoshop, I begin creating some modular building blocks that match the scale of a standard Unreal human.